Efficient and cost-effective container unloading.

Oct 17, 2019 | Offtopic

Shipping containers are bulky, heavy, and often hard to handle. Despite all these qualities, the solid structure of the containers makes them a perfect solution to move cargo around the world. Thanks to our lightweight and mobile lifting jacks, you can now offload your goods without the need for heavy and expansive side loaders or cranes.

Cheaper operation thanks to the container lifting jacks.

The solution that would perfectly fit in any given circumstances doesn’t exist. Each one’s got its own strengths and weaknesses. Everything depends on the situation, the amount of space available, or simply the number of containers to unload. We’ve been discussing that problem briefly in one of our previous posts – Container lifting jacks vs standard cranes.

Before you begin to evaluate which option to choose, you need to precisely determine your needs. It is crucial in order to make the right choice. You are often making an investment that will take years to pay for itself. That is especially true in the case of tilt-bed trailers or all kinds of heavy forklifts. The situation looks different when you decide to choose container lifting jacks.  That solution offers unmatched value for money. Lifting legs are lightweight which means that the system is easy to move around. Lifting capability up to 32 t. makes them suitable in many cases. Most importantly, thanks to the convenient central control unit our system is incredibly easy to use. You can choose between a gasoline or electric-driven version.

Meet us at Intermodal Europe 2019

Next month we will have the opportunity to exhibit at Intermodal Europe 2019. It is a unique chance to meet industry professionals and experts all in one place. With 6000 attendees it is a very important event for anyone involved in intermodal freight transport. The event takes place in Hamburg. On our stand, we will present one lifting leg as well as the central control unit. You can already contact us to learn more details about our participation. We also encourage you to follow our social media channels to always stay up to date with our activities. You can find the links below.