Lift Container
Your proven manufacturer of hydraulic equipment.

Years of experience in designing and manufacturing various types of hydraulic devices allowed us to become a leader in the production of hydraulic equipment. We aim to provide our clients with the means for development, increased efficiency and in the end – independence from third party costs.

Take your container logistics to the next level!

Owning set of jacks, gives you many advantages. One of the most important is that you can better plan your work since you no longer rely on third party contractors. High crane hire rates are no longer a problem.

Gasoline or electrical power

Electric system adapted to all world standards (EU, USA, AU etc.) or a gasoline engine. Use container lifting jacks where and when you want.

Can lift 32 000 kg
(70 548 lb)

Product designed and tested for heavy loads. It easily lifts empty containers as well as heavy, filled up to the top.

Worldwide delivery and support

Container lifting jacks are ready for worldwide delivery. We shipped products to Russia, USA etc.

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      Designed and tested

      All units undergoes extensive testing prior to delivery. We are making sure that lifting jacks are fully operational under maximum load. High quality materials enables long and trouble free operation.


      Hydraulic systems

      Central unit links all four jacks via a set of hoses. Thanks to quick couplers, the entire system can be ready to go in just 30 minutes. Central unit contains engine to power up the whole setup.


      Easy and intuitive to use

      Our lifting solutions are designed to be easy in use. All units comes with convenient handles and wheels. Thanks to a compact size only one operator can easily move it around.

      How it all started

      The driving force behind the development of an innovative Container Lifting Jacks system was our own need to increase efficiency and achieve independence from external service providers.

      Looking for an answer to the problem of unloading containers inside the production hall, where the use of a traditional crane is not possible, we have developed our proprietary device – container lifting jack. Now we offer them to our customers so that they can also enjoy the performance they offer!

      Discover our flagship hydraulic equipment:


      An innovation in terms of mobility of the biggest LED screens which allows our clients to prepare massive LED screens almost as quickly as the smaller ones.

      SunBOX 35A

      An intelligent container which allows our clients to achieve the highest level of efficiency of solar panels. Automatic position adjustment minimises power drops.

      Container Lifting Jacks

      Jacks which guarantee independence from third party costs and allow to work in places where traditional cranes can’t. Achieve the next level of container logistics!

      About Lift Container brand

      We are a company that provides high-quality mobile solutions in areas such as energy, trade, and transport. We began operation in 2007. Lift Container is part of a Screen-LED group operating in Inowrocław. Over the years we’ve gained significant experience in designing and building mobile LED screens for the AV and Event technology industry. This is how Lift Container has started.

      • R16 years on the market
      • Products in 38 countries
      • pEuropean standards (CE)
      • Hydraulic system experience
      • Designed and manufactured in Poland, Europe
      • High quality components
      • Modern factory
      • Skilled workers