5 most common types of containers.

Apr 10, 2020 | Offtopic

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Standard shipping container.

The most common types of containers out there. Also known as “dry containers”. As the name suggests, these containers are mostly used for the shipment of dry cargo. Comes in sizes standardized by ISO. Among the available versions, you can find 10′, 20′, or 45′.

Flat rack container.

In contrast to the standard “dry container”, these units have a significant advantage. You can use them as a standard container with walls folded up or use them as a platform for oversized goods like construction machinery etc. End walls are not foldable thus allowing you to secure the cargo.

Tunnel container.

Very similar to the standard containers. The main difference is that you can unload these units from both sides. It can significantly speed up the unloading thus streamlining your logistics operations.

Open side containers.

Besides the standard door on the sides, these containers come with a huge door on the side. This is extremely helpful when you need to load cargo that would be difficult to fit through the standard door.

Tank containers.

Tank containers are made to transport liquid cargo. These units are made of anti-corrosive materials that ensure their long lifespan and protection for the cargo.